Rebuild KSC Glock, my personal project

I’ve just finish rebuild KSC G17, here’s the documentation:

I got this wornt out paint slide of KSC glock 17, it only have: outer barrel, inner barrel set. Missing: front sight, nozzle set, back cover and recoil set.

Lower frame is from KSC glock 18c, the trigger bar is damage, missing disconnector and no impact hammer.
To convert this to 17, we need to replace sear, sear’ spring, hammer and spring hammer.

Slide part need nozzle set and recoil

After put all part together and quite alot sanding, finally this toy working again.
Conclusion: rebuilding ksc glock is possible but in my case i need to replace/put 16 parts (ksc original standart part), and its cost me quite a lot money and time. JUST BUY NEW ONE Instead, lol.
But, i really satisfied with this project and i love my new toy.
Here she is now.