New Spare Parts For KSC Glock, M1911 and KJW KP01

All these parts arrived yesterday, they are:
– KJW KP01 valve knocker part 30 , price: $4
– KSC Glock Nozle, compatible to all glock models, part no.22, price: $8,5
– KSC Magazine Release for Glock series part no.70 price $5,5
– KJW/WE magazine injection valve: $5
– KSC Magazine Injection valve price: $5 compatible to all GBB magazine by KSC
– KSC Glock 18c selector lever part no.255 price: $8
– KSC Glock Piston head, part no.27, price $8
– KWA/Umarex USP piston head part no.221 price:$8
– KSC M1911 nozle spring part no.72, price: $3
– KSC Glock valve knocker, part no.78, price:$5
– KSC Glock nozle spring part no.23 price: $3
– KSC Glock part no.10, price: $5,5
– KSC Glock part no.11, price: $4,5
– KSC Glock Front Sight part no.1, price: $8
– KSC Glock 18c/26c selector lock pin part no.258 price: $2,50
– KSC Glock Magazine Lip part no.207 price: $10,50