More Parts KSC Stock Part for: Glock, M1911 Price List

Heres some price list for KSC stock parts:

– KSC Glock nozle spring part no.23 price: $3
– KSC Magazine Injection valve price: $5 compatible to all GBB magazine by KSC
– KSC Glock Piston head, part no.27, price $8
– KSC Glock Trigger Bar, part no.92, price:$10,5
– KSC Glock Nozle, compatible to all glock models, part no.22, price: $8,5
– KSC Glock semi sears, compatible G 17, 19, 26, 34, part no.87, price:$5,5
– KSC Glock rocket valve spring, part no.25 compatible to all KSC Glock Price: $3
– KSC M1911 nozle spring part no.72, price: $3