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KSC/KWA parts, restock

Restok ksc part or my local store: – KSC Glock magazine base extention, compatible to all magazine – KSC Glock magazine catch/release – KSC Glock Nozzle – KSC Glock Magazine Lip – KSC Glock bb ramp – KSC Glock magazine seal – KSC Glock Nozzle spring – KSC Glock Impact valve – KSC Glock front […]

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Restok Parts For KSC Glock 18c, 17 and KWA MP7

Just arrive another part forĀ  KSC Glock 18c, 17 and KWA MP7 to fill my empty stock in webstore. – KSC GLOCK Valve hammer/impact – KSC Injection valve – KSC Glock Magazine lip – KSC Glock Magazine catch – KSC Glock Magazine seal – KSC Glock hopup rubber – KSC glock 18c selector pin – […]

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KSC/KWA Restocked Spare Parts

Just arrive another part from KSC, fill my empty stock in webstore. – KSC Glock Magazine Lip – KSC Hopup Rubber – KSC Glock Spring Nozle – KSC Glock Nozle – KSC Glock Valve Hammer – KSC Glock Piston Head/Ring – KSC Glock Part no.81 – KSC Glock Part no.82 – KSC Glock 18C […]

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Restocked Part – KSC/KWA

            Several parts arrive for my local webshop: – Piston head for KSC USP Series, P226, M1911 – Injection valve for KSC GBB Magazine – KSC Glock piston head – KWA MP7 piston head – KWA Kriss V part no.39

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KSC Parts Arrive, after almost 2 months waiting

Yes, this is the longest time my package from ksc arrived. Almost 2 months. Here list some parts for my online store. KSC nozle for KWA mp7 and Glock, Injection valve (inlet) for KSC anda KJW/WE gas blowback magazine. Ksc Rocket Valve, Piston Ring for KSC USP, KWA Mp7, KSC M9, KSC P226, KSC M1911. […]

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