Month: October 2018

More Parts KSC Stock Part for: Glock, M1911 Price List

Heres some price list for KSC stock parts: – KSC Glock nozle spring part no.23 price: $3 – KSC Magazine Injection valve price: $5 compatible to all GBB magazine by KSC – KSC Glock Piston head, part no.27, price $8 – KSC Glock Trigger Bar, part no.92, price:$10,5 – KSC Glock Nozle, compatible to all […]

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KSC Glock 18C, 23F, 26C GBB part no.253

PART KSC Glock 18C, 23F, 26C no.253 Original KSC, Buatan Taiwan Bahan: Logam Part #253 РLihat diagram PART KSC Glock 18C, 23F, 26C no.253 Price: $ 3 Made by KSC, Made in Taiwan Metal Matterial Part #253 РRefer to this diagram Part ini bisa di beli disini Click here on how to buy

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Brand New KSC Glock with Troubled Trigger? Check This Part.

Have you or your friend just bought KSC Glock and the gun does not want shoot. You cock it, and when you squish that trigger..nothing happen. Try open the slide and check part #64 Even your ksc glock is new, in certain cases part #64 is in a weak state, so the trigger bar is […]

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