Month: November 2017

KSC Glock Problem: Expell Gas, Won’t Cycle, Here steps to identified:

Probably This is the most common problem in KSG Glock lines. Even a new one could face this problem. As far as I know there are several problem can cause this. Here steps to identified: here’s the diagram: link 1. Check parts: #23, #27 Make sure spring still good, no tear or deform piston head […]

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KSC Spareparts Arrived this morning

  Just come this morning: – KSC Glock extended magazine base – Hurricane high output valve for KSC Glock – Impact hammer for KSC Glock – Back cover for Ksc G – Inlet valve, compatible for all KSC Magazine – Piston head for KSC M1911 – Back cover for KSC Glock         […]

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