Month: April 2017

Are All KSC Airsoftgun GBB Use Same Hop Up Rubber? Yes and No.

Yes, almost all gas blowback airsoftgun made by KSC/KWA use same exact hop up rubber, including pistols models, some SMG and early version of gas blowback rifle. The one that use different hopup rubber are: – VZ 61 – AK models – Kriss Vector – New version (KWA LM4) / KSC M4. This hop up […]

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Interchange KSC Parts: M9 vs M1911 vs USP vs MP9

I’ll let you know that there is interchangeable parts between KSC M9, M1911, USP and MP9 (beside injection valve ofcourse). It’s their spring nozle. Yes, these 4 models airsoftgun from KSC, use same spring nozle.

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KSC/KWA/Umarex USP Series and KSC P226 Use Same Piston Head/Ring

KSC/KWA/Umarex USP Compact, P10, Match, Tactical & 45 and KSC P226 use same piston head. So piston head from these models interchangeable.

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Can I Use KWA Mp7 Nozle/Cylinder And Piston Head in KSC ? Yes You Can

Yes you can use KWA Mp7 piston head in KSC MP7 (Taiwan ver.) but you also need to replace its original nozle to KWA version, no modification needed. But, some sanding required if you want to replace parts in KSC MP7 (Japan ver.). You need to sand outer side of KWA MP7 nozzle before it […]

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Kriss Vector, KWA MP7, KSC Glock Parts – Arrived

Here some parts arrived yesterday, for my shop in Indonesia – KSC Glock Magazine Release/Catch – KSC Glock Magazine Seal – KWA MP7 Piston head/ring – KSC M1911 Nozzle Spring – KWA Kriss Vector Hopup Rubber – KWA MP7 magazine seal – Injection Valve for Magazine KJW & WE, made by KJW – Injection Valve […]

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KWA TT-33 Tokarev Magazine Lip

KWA TT-33 Tokarev Magazine Lip Harga: Rp.207.000,- Original KWA, Buatan Taiwan Bahan:┬áPlastik Part #100 – Lihat diagram KWA TT-33 Tokarev Magazine Lip Price: $ 11 KWA, Made in Taiwan Plastic┬áMaterial Part #100 – Refer to this diagram Part ini bisa di beli disini Click here on how to buy

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